Santaire vacuum cleaners are marketed a bit differently to other brands. Rather than having residential vacuum cleaners and a small collection of commercial vacuums, they consider all of their vacuums to be commercial quality. They have the commercial line of vacuums designed for heavy duty use and then the professional line offering commercial vacuums for home use.

These different category terms reflect Santaire’s mission to provide high powered, durable vacuum cleaners that last for many years. They use high quality parts including a lot of chrome-plated steel parts for high durability and work with high efficiency motors that have a lot of power and can stand a lot of use. Discover Vax Vs Kirby.

Whether you’re trying to keep the house clean and sanitary or need a vacuum that can suck and whir for hours a day on the job, Santaire probably has a vacuum that will keep you content.

Santaire Lightweight Vacuums

There are three different lightweight models offered for residential use. The S634 and S9020 both have 30 foot power cords and 5 amps of power. They are very similar in design but there are some differences. For instance, the S634 model has a disposable bag with three levels of filtration. This is not the same as HEPA filtration, but it does offer some air filtering on a lightweight vacuum which is remarkable.

The S9020 model is designed to be even more lightweight and includes a paper disposable bag without the filtering feature.

The S782 has a shorter cord at 20 inches but offers more power with 6.5 amps. It is designed with on-board tools and has a more modern outer appearance than the other two lightweight Santaire vacuums.

Santaire Upright Vacuums

When you look at the features on Santaire upright vacuum cleaners designed for residential use, they sound like commercial grade vacuums that would be used by professional cleaners! This is why Santaire considers them to be their “professional” vacuums, rather than just residential vacuums. They used to be the best hard floor vacuum, but now they produce one of the best backpack vacuums.

All upright vacuums from the brand have long cords, ranging from 30 to 35 inches long. They are designed with ball bearing steel brush rolls and triple filtration dust bags that are completely disposable after use. They can also be adjusted to different heights to ensure they easily go over a variety of carpeting and floor options. There are three models offering 7 amps of power and one high-powered model offering 11.5 amps of power.

One special feature worth mentioning is the Arm & Hammer odor elimination feature on the S670 and S677 models. These vacuums are designed to capture odor and freshen the air so the entire home smells better every single day. Find more great vacuum cleaner reviews at:

The S647 model is the most basic model and the S9120 offers extended power.

Santaire Canister Vacuums

There are two different Santair canister vacuum models, but they both come with 20 foot cords, disposable bags, and 12 amps of power. The S3681 model is the more compact, basic option while the S3686 offers the Arm & Hammer air deodorizing feature. They are good for people who want to know how to get rid of cat hair. I also recommend the Hoover self propelled vacuum for older folks.

Santaire Commercial Vacuums

Commercial grade vacuums from Santaire are not just tougher reflections of the professional residential line up. They are innovative and unique in their own right. There are vacuums with “shake out bags” that allow you to simply shake out the dirt and use the same bag over as well as bagless models with simple dust collection cups.

Some commercial Santaire vacuums are also CRI approved and designed to be extremely quiet with high quality air filtration.

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