People who have a high level of Low Density Lipoprotein( LDL) or bad cholesterol need to do something about their situation. Bad cholesterol is not good for the body because it can result or worsen many diseases such as heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. If you have a low level of Low Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol, you should also increase your HDL because that will help in regulating your body’s cholesterol level.

Ways to lower cholesterol naturally

You’ll find several supplements that can help in growing your high-density and cutting your LDL. Here are a few of the supplement that you can utilise to lower the level of choresterol.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
This cholesterol reducing product is extremely great at lowering your LDL and boosting your HDL. Based on previous research performed, it can reduce LDL by 10% and in return increase HDL by 20%. For this reason Niacin is incredibly good at avoiding heart attack and stroke cases. Nevertheless, you must not utilize this supplement on your own conform. You will need to inquire your doctor first because this supplement might result to nausea and indigestion if not taken correctly. You must also take it with a non-empty abdomen. If you take it before a meal, you might encounter flushing because your blood vessels will increase.

Artichoke Leaf
Studies show that the leaves from an artichoke plant are effective in fighting high cholesterol. This is because artichoke contains the compound known as cynarin. Cynarin has the ability to stimulate the production of bile in the liver. Bile is effective in getting rid of excess cholesterol that may become harmful to the body. An experiment was conducted and the result showed that people who took the artichoke leaf supplement considerably had a lowered cholesterol level than those in the placebo group. Although this supplement is promising, researchers say that they will have to look into it more to determine if there are no side effects involved in taking.

Soluble Fiber
This natural product is quite beneficial in establishing eliminate cholesterol in your intestines. It functions by capturing the cholesterol and carrying the bad fats with it when the dietary fiber is passed. You will get dietary fiber from a lot of resources. You will get it from oats, legumes and fruits. There are a variety of veggies that contain a variety of it too for example broccoli and carrots. Based on study, you can lower your LDL by 5% if you take 10 grams of dietary fiber each day.

Healthy diet keeps safe cholesterol level

This product is obtained from the fenugreek seed. This has been employed for hundreds of years received from Egypt. Some researches were designed to testify the potency of this product for lowering cholesterol. In reality, there have been instances that revealed a decrease by nearly 40%. Nevertheless, not a lot is recognized about the fenugreek. A lot of professionals think that they should research it more to guarantee its security and usefulness.

These are just a few examples of cholesterol lowering supplements that you can take. However, there is one thing that you should always remember. Always ask your doctor first before taking any supplement to make sure that your health is safe. For more interesting articles on this topic go to and learn how you can lower your bad cholesterol level.

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